Neville confirmed that the candidate to win the Premier League are two London clubs

In a recent share on Sky Sports, former player Gary Neville has commented on the championship race this season. Former player Gary Neville highly appreciated the performance of two London clubs being led by two teachers. They are Jose Mourinho and Frank Lampard.

He is looking forward to the match between Chelsea and Tottenham to come. This is an interesting season. Chelsea has been in high form since the beginning of the season and has a young, quality team. Lampard is still in the process of finding his best squad in the last few matches. Chelsea is very strong.

Perhaps this will be the season that Mourinho and Lampard compete for the championship. I think Liverpool is among them, but not with Van Dijk’s injury. Man City too, they don’t have a quick transition between manual and manual.

They weren’t fast enough to get the ball back. Ederson also made mistakes and Man City now depends too much on Kevin De Bruyne. Therefore, he rated Chelsea and Tottenham as the top candidates for the championship this season.

Currently, the top teams in the Premier League rankings are Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea and Leicester City. The most interesting thing about each confrontation between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola comes from their opposing personalities.

A few years ago, Pep used to call Tottenham “Harry Kane’s team” to emphasize the club’s dependence on the English striker. But the arrival of Mourinho changed everything.

Harry Kane is the highest kicker in Tottenham’s 3 attacking shots against Man City. However, there were many moments when Kane retreated deep into the midfield. This way greatly affects the stats of Harry Kane’s individual.

Previously, not many people appreciated Jose Mourinho’s attacking pieces. That may have been true in the past, but victory over Man City proves the opposite. Jose Mourinho completely changed Tottenham’s attacking style. He creates a combination of power, speed and precision to punish every smallest void of the opponent.